Stella Maris Yacht Club member wins ARC Rally Class

Raya after refit lo res

Oyster 56 Raya, owned by Richard and Roz Smith, have just crossed the finish line of the ARC Rally in St Lucia this afternoon (8th December) to win Class C. It’s a fantastic achievement and everyone at Stella Maris Yachting is very proud. The Stella Maris Yachting team have helped Richard all the way through his programme from helping him select which yacht to buy, through refit, and voyage preparations, and working alongside him to help him learn about every aspect of his boat.

Just two days ago Raya was sailing fast, dead downwind, flat out with her twizzler rig (two genoas one set either side of the boat) enjoying the ride which included 12kt surfs down 12ft high Atlantic rollers. Each day has been different, the sea was rougher or calmer, the sky cloudy or clear, and dolphins came to play. As she approached the finish she was still making 7.5 knots.

Raya has become a member of the exclusive Stella Maris Yacht Club, which provides round the clock support to its members, wherever they are.

The ARC is just one leg of a planned round the world voyage for Raya. The yacht left Southampton in the spring of 2015 and headed to the Mediterranean before sailing to the ARC start line in Las Palmas. Richard and Roz will then head on to Panama via the San Blas Islands then to Galapagos, the Marquesas and New Zealand.

Raya underwent a complete project management process courtesy of Stella Maris Yachting, and Richard and Roz have set off knowing that any further help with voyage planning, repairs or parts are only a phone call away. After a full rig service, major systems servicing, deck refurbishment, electronic upgrades and deck hardware servicing Raya was immaculate and ready for her voyage. Thorough preparation meant she has had a worry free trip apart from a ripped sail caught in a 50 knot gust.

The image shows the preparation at the start of the ARC.