Stella Maris Yacht Club adds medical support to member benefit options

Clipper telemed

Clipper Telemed+, the medical support service first used during the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, is now available to members of the Stella Maris Yacht Club.  From on board your boat you can talk direct to a doctor to receive vital support if there is a medical problem.

Peace of mind on extended cruising is important, and preparation of the yacht and support from Stella Maris Yachting’s technical team is always available to advise and help on the yacht’s systems and equipment. It is also important to be able to access specialist medical support in cases of illness or accidents for those on board while cruising.

To provide 24/7 worldwide specialist medical support by telephone or email in a cost effective way Stella Maris Yacht Club has agreed to offer the Clipper Telemed+ service provided by Canada’s leading remote medical services company Praxes Medical Group. Stella Maris Yachting’s managing director, James Miller, has known Praxes Medical Group for 10 years, and believes their service is second to none.

Clipper Telemed+ Chairman, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston describes the service.  “With twenty years of providing the highest level of remote medical care to businesses and commercial shipping in some of Canada’s most hostile and remote environments, ClipperTelemed+ has been created for racing and cruising yachtsmen and women following the remarkable experiences of racing crew in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race,” he says.  “ClipperTelemed+ provides a physician on the phone within minutes to assist with any primary or emergency medical incident.  ClipperTelemed+ physicians aim to diagnose and wherever possible advise a course of treatment using your own first aid kit and medication on board.”

Available 24/7 365 from anywhere in the world ClipperTelemed+ physicians will help protect you, your family and your crew.  ClipperTelemed+ is a joint venture between Clipper Ventures Plc, organisers of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and PRAXES Medical Group, Canada’s leading remote medical services company.”

Example pricing for Stella Maris Yacht Club members:

Annual contract for long term cruising – £360 per yacht for 2 persons on board (short term visitors covered free)

Annual cover for each additional person on board – £180

Visitors for up to 3 months covered free.

This service is not subject to VAT or, if supplied in the UK, is exempt from VAT.

This service covers medical advice by telephone or email. If treatment is required ashore then patient transfer and any treatment can be covered by Medical Insurance. Stella Maris Yacht Club members can access tailored Travel Insurance through our Cruising Yacht Insurance Scheme provided by ZIS Insurance.

Combining the 24/7 ClipperTelemed+ services with worldwide medical insurance covers all medical eventualities for Stella Maris Yacht Club members.

For more information and a detailed quote contact Tracey Phillips –